The Company

Excellently established as a modern drugstore chain in the country, which is one of the pioneers for arousing customer‘s passion in healthcare and beauty .Vistar is also an importer and distributor of Japan’s high-class quality products including foods and supplements. Vistar is currently distributing about 30 different kind of supplements in the market right now which was directly imported from Japan. Along with our desire to bring Japan’s products quality to Vietnamese consumers, Vistar always keeps the promise to satisfy all customers  with our innovative service and technology.



Responsibility :We hold ourselves accountable for our action.

Respect : Customer’s satisfaction is our values, employee’s  happiness is our basic fundamental,  supplier’s trustworthy cooperation  drive our business growth

Quality : Your health and safety are always our first consideration

Innovation : Our high quality products and delivery service keeps up with current market. 

Devotion :Environmental protection  and charitable  activities  along with our company business



Gold medal for public health from VAFF-Vietnam Association of Functional Food

Enhance enterprises, accomplished businessman in equipment innovation industrial activities to ensure quality and safety, as well as the development of new products and sustainable activities of consumer protection.


Certificate of Registation for Acheving Excellent Enterpriser

Encourages enterpriser to invest and innovate technology and develop new product .


Certificate of Registation for Acheving Excellent Product

Enhences the reputation of the enterprise awarded to high-quality product, assert customer’s trust as well as experts’s opinion



"We serve, we share and we care" is Vistar pharmacy' s spirituality,our connectedness within the various contexts and circumstances of people's life.

For orphan ,the poor and the sick, we couldn't bring them what they actually need but we are honor to share our concern, express our love, convey the positive factor of life “We do what we can”



Retail System

Our mission “ Our cardinal direction of compass is  for public health -Your good health today, Our memorable history tomorrow”. Being  a well-established drugstore system with high-standard products passed GPP standard,  Vistar Pharmacy offers you reasonable price. Moreover, our  pharmacist s are willing to support  and consult you any time  along with our  experienced sales staffs  provided you our best service and bring you excellent heath. Our drugstore system passed GPP in company with our retail system selling domestic consumer goods and high quality product imported from Japan.


Nation-wide distribution system

Because of doing import business with our trust suppliers  in the  purpose  of providing high-standard products which are well preserved  and distributed base on strict quality control system and passed Good Storage Practices (GSP) and Good Distribution Practices(GDP) in accordance with Ministry of Public Health.

Vistar Pharmacy distributes many specific medicine for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gallbladder, digestive and liver problems.. at top of the market in Vietnam.

30 different kind of supplements are original from Japan which are now imported and distributed  for the benefit of improving  your health.

Monopoly distribution of  imported products  from Thailand  and Korea ‘s top brands.

Importing and distributing many types of consumer goods from Japan with reasonable price.


Authorization import

Importing different kind of precious and specific medicine and selling at our drugstore system all over the country.

Importing many type of supplements from Japan.

Authorization import service with professional and experienced staffs specialized in medicine to make sure all customers  who are looking for imported medicine, vaccine ,medical biological products, medical supplies and equipment , and many kind of supplements … satisfied with our  quality products and excellent service.

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Excellently established as a modern drugstore chain in the country, which is one of the pioneers for…

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